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There in a flash, we will help you when you crash. We offer 24/7 light towing services along with roadside assistance. Call Tri State Towing Solutions today.

HAZ-MAT Response and Clean-ups

24/7 Towing & Roadside Assistance

Quick Response to Police Scene Calls

Accident Breakdowns

HOA / Apartment Car Removals

Damage-Free Towing

We provide local and long-distance tows, and we treat your vehicle as if it’s our own, ensuring 100% safe delivery.

Super-Fast Delivery

We operate 24-7 Monday-Sunday. Our trained professionals are always ready to respond to a call. We’re local, so we get there quick to get you on your way.

Super Clean

Dedicated to your comfort! All our trucks are regularly detailed for clean and safe rides. See why we are the trusted name in towing. Call us when you need roadside assistance.

Set Apart

Our competitors don’t offer enclosed towing for motorcycles; car, truck, small camper & building towing; tows for wrecks, breakdowns, violations; cleanup for big truck wrecks & HAZMAT spills.

Tri State Towing Solutions | kangaroo

Look for the kangaroo for guaranteed safe delivery!

We will never leave you in a compromising position when you break down.

No matter your needs, we are ready to come to your aid.

With 6 trucks (3 with flatbeds), and trained professionals dedicated to your comfort and safety, we can guarantee we are the preferred company to call if you are ever in need of a tow, roadside assistance, or an accident clean-up crew (wrecks & breakdowns).

We guarantee fast, reliable, and secure towing services.


Leading the Way

Tri State Towing specializes in 24/7 towing & roadside assistance (lock outs, flat tires, winch-outs). Our focus on arriving quickly and providing you with top-notch service has made us the leading tow truck company in SC.


Light Duty Towing


Flat Bed Towing


Enclosed Bed Towing




Tire Changes


Accident Assistance


Accident Cleanup

You Have a Choice!

Did you know you have a choice of which towing company to use? Whether you need roadside assistance, towing services or help with a violation or accident. let Tri State Towing Solutions be your first choice.

Have a Question?

If your need is not immediate, use this form to send your request and our team will be in touch.

By Your Side

We offer roadside assistance so you can get back to your day.

Our Roadside Assistance provides minor mechanic work like tire changes, fueling up when out of gas, and other minor issues. If your problem is a major issue, we will help you reach the car mechanic of your choice, so you can get the repairs needed as soon as possible.


Tri State Towing Solutions | quote
Mike was GREAT!!!! From our very first contact on the phone he was pleasant. He made a timely appointment to pick up our recently purchased car that needed towing from NC to SC. He had very reasonable prices. He was promptly at our pick up site and very courteous to both me and the seller. He made it to our home safely and in record time.

Mike was very friendly and shared some of his business associates information with us. Not only do I plan on doing business with him again but I certainly plan on passing his information on to everyone I know!!!! Thank you so much, Mike!!!!


This is the best company out there. The prices and customer service are outstanding. The owner is a great person. If you are a female driver or have young drivers this would be the only towing company I would ever trust for roadside assistance or towing . Honest and fair would recommend to anyone!


Mike towed my jeep when it need service on the engine. Because of the issues with the transmission it would not go into Neutral. He made a few calls to ensure he had a work around and ensured he would not damage the jeep. In addition to be patient and professional he was genuinely a nice guy. If you need a tow, call Tristate!


Call Us First for All Your Towing Needs. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Knowing who to call when you need fast, reliable, and secure towing service is important. Our friendly, professional tow truck drivers are one phone call away. Call us today at (803) 285-1005 to schedule a pickup.

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